The mission of Friendship Feast is to feed hungry people.

  • We will provide food and care in a way that honors the "Dignity of Life" for all individuals who come to the meals.

  • We will provide a balanced diet of nourishing and healthy food.

  • We will strive at all times to be fair to everyone.

  • We will always seek to give generously and freely from the heart and to operate cost effectively to reap the most benefit of the time and effort given by volunteers.

Meals served Monday through Thursday

All Guests are Welcome!

5:30pm - 6:00pm - Meals distributed through South Doors

- Due to COVID-19, meals have been restricted to sack meals distributed as noted above. 


- Please check back for more information about resuming normal sit-down meals.

Tricia Fagg

Friendship Feast Coordinator

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